Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hospital Food in Selected Countries

 Rice and a selection of curries

Massachussets, USA
 Salad, chicken soup and crackers

 Schnitzel, spƤtzle (a dumpling noodle dish), salad and cake.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Noodles, chicken, eggs, broth and rice porridge. You are supposed to mix the ingredients together to make a soup. 

New York, USA
Salmon patties with saffron cream sauce, rice, pumpkin, asparagus and banana bread. 

Dubai, UAE
Spaghetti, side salad, bread, vegetables and cake 

Tokyo, Japan
Pickles, miso soup, rice and chicken (we think). 

Elsewhere in Japan
A bento box filled with fresh vegetables, meat, fish, noodles and tempura. 

A piece of bread with butter, pickle and sausage. 

Untoasted bread, salad and a burger patty. 

Sydney, Australia
Pumpkin soup, apricot chicken, peas and mashed potato. 

Malvern, Australia
 Lamb tagine with sandwiches, broccoli, corn, fruit and bread.

Fried chicken and noodles. 

Great Britain
 Minestrone soup, beef and onion pie, steamed vegetables and a banana.

Richmond, Canada
Sweet and sour pork, bok choy, white rice and a side of honeydew melon. 

 Mashed potatoes, meat and cabbage stew, vegetables, milk and a pastry.

Paris, France
Smoked salmon salad, chicken and courgette, baguette and a slice of pie.